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Please scroll down to find information on what to expect at your first visit, what to wear, our office policies and more.

FORMS: Before your appointment, please download and fill out the appropriate intake form. You can access Canada’s intake form here or our US intake form here.


This gives us a thorough look at your past health history, including major illnesses and surgeries. Please also provide copies of written reports for any x-rays, MRIs or other imaging. We like to best understand any and all health issues you have been treated for. Once the form is complete, email it back to the Wilson Wellness team at

WHAT TO WEAR: You should wear or bring a t-shirt and stretchy shorts or pants that can be pulled up several inches above your knees.

SCENT FREE OFFICE: Please avoid wearing any scented perfumes or lotions. We are a scent free office as several patients have sensitivities to smells and some scents can be counterproductive to the work we do.

FIRST APPOINTMENT: Your first appointment will take approximately 75- 90 minutes. Our goal is to use this time to talk through what current health concerns or pain issues you have and go through your detailed health history. After that, we will  evaluate  your posture, flexibility and range of movements and then determine what course of action would be best in terms of osteopathic care and palpation. In general, we look for the primary area of influence that is causing you discomfort.

In some instances, we will work on the full body, other times we will concentrate on a specific area like low back, head/neck or upper chest. After your first visit is complete, Helen will discuss what type of treatment plan will be most beneficial for you for sustained results. She will walk through the short and long term benefits and may give you simple assignments you can do at home to help enhance your results.

SUBSEQUENT APPOINTMENTS: Ongoing appointments will take approximately 45 mins to  one hour. You should plan to arrive 10 or so minutes prior to your appointment so that you can take advantage of the full body infrared heating pad before your treatment. This helps relax your body and studies show the infrared heat penetrates 1.5 inches into the body to release muscle tension and pain  and can also calms the nerve sheath and the nerve.

PAYMENT: Please plan to pay by cash, check or Venmo following each treatment. We also take credit cards using square for a small fee charged by the company. For FSA and HSA claims, we can send you an invoice as needed for reimbursement.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our goal is to provide quality care to all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows or late arrivals will result in the appointment fee for a full session. If you do need to cancel due to an unforeseen circumstance or scheduling conflict, we ask that you give us at least 48 business hours notice to avoid the cancellation fee. Please do not call to cancel with less than 48 business hours’ notice. If that’s not possible and we are able to re-book another patient at your scheduled time, a cancellation fee will not be incurred. To cancel your appointment, please text 248.579.5535. You can also leave a message at the office at 248.237.3104, if the appointment is more then 72 hours away but please note that you may not hear back for at least 24 hours.

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